Training Advice

There is lots of training advice in books and on the Internet, so here we list some of our favourite sources. As with anything on the Internet that you read … it could be brilliant, or it could be a load of junk that will have the opposite effect to what you wanted.

Before you read anything though, here are our three main pieces of advice about training:

  1. No work, no results. Nothing worth having comes easy. There are no short cuts. If you want the improvement, you need to put the work in. This is true in all areas, but particularly in the swim. If you want to improve, you need to swim more. You need to do more drills, focus on small specific areas and put the hard work in. It takes a while, but improvement will come.
  2. Technique first, speed later. If you want to get faster then the first thing to get right is your technique. Trying to get faster at swimming if your technique will at best mean no improvement, or more likely cause you an injury.
  3. Listen to your body. You can download hundreds of training plans from the Internet, but if your body is telling you it needs to rest, then REST. Experience will help you learn the difference between being simply tired and being at your limit. Overtraining is a major cause of injuries for new triathletes, so stick to the plan if the plan agrees with you. If your body says different, then listen to it.

Best book for new starters:
Your First Triathlon by Joe Friel – A great book packed full of tips and answers to all the questions that a new starter will have.

Best book for those wanting to understand about the triathlon life: Andy Holgate a local lad from Lancaster has written two fantastic award winning books about triathlon. These are not your ‘look how brilliant I am’ type books – quite the opposite. They are down to earth descriptions about how triathlon grips you and the very real challenges of balancing your passion for your new sport with the real world – especially your family. Highly recommended.

Best detailed everything in it book about triathlon:
The bible for triathlon is Joe Friel’s The Triathletes Training Bible. This book will answer every question that you have and lots that you didn’t think of.  This is book that every triathlete should own as you will find that you keep going back to it.

What is a good book about training and going from sprints towards Ironman distance races:
There are two excellent books that cover this area. The first is what is simple known in triathlon as ‘Fink‘, the other is a similar book again by Joe Friel called ‘Going Long‘. Although there is some crossover of material, if you are interested in completing an Ironman, then these together have virtually everything that you need to know.  With some commercial training plans costing hundreds of pounds, Don Fink’s book called ‘Be Iron Fit’ (which contains training plans for beginners, intermediates and experienced triathletes) is a great investment.

Good websites (to start with):





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