About triathlon

Triathlon is a sport comprising of the three disciples of swim, bike and run (done in that order). Competitors compete in each of these activities one after the other over set distances with the aim of having the fastest finish time.

In most cases though triathletes are not racing for podium finishes, but for the fun of the race and to challenge themselves. Of course a big medal and finishers t-shirt is as important at age 48 as it was at age 7.

So, although we call them races, you are challenging your capabilities to beat your goal. You can be the last finisher in a race, but if you have  completed the race then you have beaten everyone else who didn’t take part! It doesn’t matter whether the race is a short sprint or a Ironman, if you finish, you deserve the medal and can feel proud of your achievement.

There are lots of variations of triathlon, both in terms of the distances in each discipline which can very greatly, but also the terrain. Swims can be indoors in warm pools, in freezing Nordic lakes or in the choppy British sea. The bike segment can vary from short loops on a closed flat track to challenging 112 mile segments as part of a hilly Ironman course. The run can vary from short runs on local roads, to highly demanding marathons across mountain tops.

The good news is that there is something to suit everyone, and for all ages. The sport is professionally managed by British Triathlon with a very high level of expertise by all coaches.

… and the final point. Unlike many sports, triathlete operates an age-group structure, so you could start your first triathlon aged 50, yet find that you quality for a Team GB place in a National or International event.

A friendly local club supporting all levels of triathlete from beginner through to podium placed competitor all the way up to World Champion level athlete.